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More Campus-Wide Exploration Pics


On Sunday, students traipsed all over our 1200 acres, participating in a scavenger hunt-like activity designed to orient them to the outer campus, introduce them to campus landmarks, help them get to know one another, and provide them with a little Lowenwood history. All of these photographs were taken by students during the activity. To provide you with some context, here are the instructions for the activity, created by Anita Olson, one of our Field Instructors. Students were broken up into groups, and each group was handed these instructions, a camera, a compass, and a campus map before setting out on the trails.

CS1 Campus-wide Exploration!!!!!

Trail Markers:  Don’t get lost!  The trails were formerly marked only by the cute little bear heads hanging in the trees at each of the trail junctions with the nose pointing back towards campus.  Now they are all numbered and there’s always a red arrow that points the quickest way back.  Be sure to let everyone in the group take turns navigating.  In fact, take a picture of your whole group deciphering the map next to a trail sign. 

Inkpot Lake:  Inkpot is located in the northwestern most part of campus.  It’s a beautiful spot and is a prime location for seeing wildlife.  If you’re quiet, you might hear the loons that live there or the see the beavers working on their dam.  Keep your eyes peeled for porcupines too.  While you’re there, take a picture of your group listening for the nature that’s all around…

Dollar Lake:  Dollar is named for its shape (it is round like a silver dollar).  If you look south, you might be able to see the osprey nest that’s on top of the power pole on the edge of Black Oak Lake.  You might also notice you’re standing in one of the nicest established campsites on campus.  Take a picture of your group enjoying the campsite, perhaps roasting some invisible marshmallows…

Pavilion/Sports Fields/Garden:  Get your game on out here.  The giant cement slab (ideal for 4-Square) comes complete with a sundial so you will never be late for study hours.  Please take note of the honey bees hard at work inside the fence pollinating the beautiful garden planted by Conserve staff.  While you’re here take a picture of your group engaging in your favorite athletic pastime…

Long Hunt Cemetery:  It was established after the passing of Jim’s wife Elaine, so they could remain on the land they loved, which he named Lowenwood.  To the northwest of where you’re standing is Lake Elaine.  Please read this quote from Jim Lowenstine out loud to the rest of your group…

            Oh Lord, Let me rest here until the end of time, With the bending birch and towering pine, With peace and love, if only I could, Always be at Lowenwood.

Little Bateau Landing:  We decided not to make you walk all the way to Big Bateau because you’ll be doing that plenty in your core classes (because it’s the easiest way into Sylvania from campus).  You should know that bateau is the French word for boat so while you’re here take a picture of your group posing as the French fur trappers that were the first Europeans in this area…

Michigan Border:  Conserve School’s campus sits right on the state line and shares a border with Michigan’s Sylvania Wilderness.  The yellow posts you see to the north of the trail mark the state line.  It’s very important not to cross the line into Sylvania without a staff member.  But just this once, go ahead and take a picture with one foot in Wisconsin and one in Michigan.  You know you want to. 

Campus is neat, huh?  Good work, people!

Enjoy the photos! Tomorrow I’ll be posting some photographs of our first Campus Service activities, which were held this afternoon. Students and staff got busy pulling carrots  from the garden and taking them to the kitchen (and pulling some weeds, too), clearing trails, filling birdfeeders, recycling, and taking care of  a number of other chores around the school.

Mary Anna



  1. Enjoyed viewing your photos….I live on the other side of Little Bateau and welcome you to the neighborhood. Word of advice…..Don’t get lost in Sylvania. It is a very large tract of land and there are lots of mosquito’s!!!!!

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