Posted by: csdailyblog | August 23, 2010

Into the Light

Post and photos by Conserve School English Teacher Jeff Rennicke

For thousands of years, light has been a symbol of hope and new beginnings. A light, even something as small and seemingly fragile as a single candle flame, can provide hope and guidance in the darkness. So, it is only fitting that light was at the heart of the opening evening activities at Conserve’s new semester program. Students first gathered at the estate in the gleaming light of sunset to share food and fun and to learn of the legacy of James Lowenstine. Then, as darkness came on, students walked a path of luminaries (small candles set in Ball jars) across the campus to the fire pit. There, with a nearly full moon as a beacon, we lit a campfire and spoke of teamwork, community, and hope. Hopes were spoken aloud in the darkness. Then, a candle of hope was passed around the circle. Each student, in turn, lit their own candle and from that single flame dozens of flames were lit, each one pushing back the darkness just a bit, lighting the night. Finally, as the evening drew to a close, students and staff walked back across campus in silence creating a river of light flowing towards the future. A new beginning for the school and the start of a new adventure for the student, lit with hope.


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