Posted by: csdailyblog | May 28, 2010

Conserve School Students Travel to Beautiful Bayfield

For Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, the entire Conserve School student body and several staff chaperones visited the beautiful Bayfield area in the far north of Wisconsin, a region known for its natural beauty, sea caves, apple orchards, blueberry fields, and Lake Superior shoreline. While there, students enjoyed sea kayaking, hiking, relaxing together in cabins or on the beach, and experiencing a chartered boat trip to Stockton Island, one of the Apostle Islands.

Students took many photographs to capture their memories, and over the next few days I will publish photos from different students. Below you can see photographs taken by Conserve student Jaclyn.

Mary Anna

Megan, Andy, Mariah, Gabe, Bace, Jake, Begench, and Cesar enjoy some pick-up soccer by the lake.

Bace launches the ball while Cesar watches in the background.

Hard to tell -- but I think that's Xaxira and Gabe in the sea kayak.

Xaxira and Kate heading for the kayaks.

Cool weather and frigid Lake Superior temperatures didn't keep our hardy Conserve School students from enjoying the water.

Job, Natalia, Stella, Di, and Haemin relax and chat on the beach while Kate and Casey stroll along the lakeshore in the background.


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