Posted by: csdailyblog | May 18, 2010

Reforestation Project on Conserve School Campus

Conserve students Haemin, holding a flat of seedlings, Colin, Hannah, and Opal prepare to begin planting a variety of tree seedlings as part of a reforestation project on campus.

Andy Milbauer, Conserve School Science Teacher, writes:

Opal gives a newly planted tree seedling a drink.

Today AP Environmental Science students worked out-of-doors on campus, planting 105 conifer seedlings from the Trees For Tomorrow natural resources specialty school in Eagle River. We planted native spruce, white pine, red pine, tamarack and white cedar. These trees will someday re-establish a healthy forest in the area between student residences Mandel House and James House, where tree roots were damaged during the construction of campus buildings. We did this as a final project in the course after we learned the principles of forestry and read Michael Pollan’s chapter “Planting a Tree” from his book Second Nature. While settling our seedlings in the soil, we discussed the fact that forest plantings take a long time to mature. The actions students took today will benefit future generations of Conserve School residents and students.

During our first semester in AP Environmental Science, we toured the first forest replanted in Wisconsin, in Star Lake, by E. M. Griffith. The first chief forester of Wisconsin, he originated the idea of replanting forests in the 1900s. We toured the Star Lake area 100 years after he planted these trees. The trees stood like cathedral columns throughout the experimental plot. His methods are now used on a wide scale in modern forestry practices.

Today we planted our own forest for students 100 years from now.

Colin and Haemin prepare to plant a tree seedling between James and Mandel residence houses


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