Posted by: csdailyblog | May 12, 2010

Nature’s Harvest: Food, Paper, Art

Food Service staff member Judy Wiita, students Di, Job, and Kath, and Food Service Director Jenny Riihimaki, along with other Conserve School students and staff members, collaborated on a project that combined recycling, paper-making, and pen-and-ink drawing.

Students in two different art classes, “Paper Art” and “Botanical Illustration,” collaborated recently with the kitchen staff on a complex and intriguing project that combined collecting and reusing food waste, making paper from natural materials, and creating still life drawings.

“Paper Art” students worked with food service staff members to collect and sort food scraps from the dining room. They then made paper out of orange peels, banana peels, pineapple scraps, and other organic materials. Students also collected leaf litter from the forest floor and leaves from plants grown in in our greenhouse/wastewater treatment facility and made paper from those materials as well.

“Botanical Illustration” students then used the paper for drawings of whatever organic source the paper was made from. So, for example, a student drew an orange on paper made of orange peels. Another drew a leaf on paper made of leaf litter, and so on.

The photographs above and below show the art, the artists, the kitchen staff, and art teacher Nancy Schwartz. The artwork has been framed and is being hung in the school dining room. Our current header is a close-up of a still-life of an onion, drawn by Ayla on paper made by Job from onion skins.
Mary Anna

Sophie, Hannah, and Art Teacher Nancy Schwartz pose with the paper that Sophie and Hannah made out of food scraps.

Kath “pulls” a sheet of paper from the pulp in the vat using a rectangular deckle.

Job and Di with paper they created using carrot and onion scraps. The carrot was drawn by Colin and the onion by Ayla.

Sophie with paper she made using banana peels. The banana plant was drawn by Jaclyn.

Hannah with the paper she made using orange peel. The orange was drawn by Casey.



  1. Great goup project —

  2. I know I shouldn’t have favorites, but if I did this would be one of my favorite projects from this year.

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