Posted by: csdailyblog | May 10, 2010

Weekend Photos: Frisbees and Gardening

History Teacher Michael Salat and students Bace and Andy enjoy some weekend frisbee.

Jake and Chris waiting for the action to start up again.

SundayI biked over to the athletic fields with my youngest son Johnny so we could help set up the raised beds in the new gardening area. We enjoyed helping Jean Haack (Stewardship Coordinator) and Cathy Palmer (Director of Outdoor Programs) work out the lay-out of the garden and also watching the lively Frisbee game that developed nearby.

While a warm-ish sun had melted away most of the snow, the wind was still brisk, adding some extra challenge to the Frisbee game and making the sheets of landscaping plastic billow uncooperatively as we worked them under the beds.

The AP Biology students, who took the AP test today, will take a break from their books and spend Wednesday morning transplanting seedlings into the beds.

Mary Anna

Student Jake and Graduate Fellow Jeff sprint toward the Frisbee.

Conserve School students Bace, Jake, and Chris

Jean and Cathy lay out the butterfly beds. Students will set out transplants they've raised in these beds on Wednesday.

From right to left, Cathy, Jean, and I finish arranging the raised beds in the new garden area.


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