Posted by: csdailyblog | May 6, 2010

Visiting Forester Takes Students Out on the Trails

Joseph LeBouton of Sylvania Forestry explains how to identify spring ephemerals to students Bace, Jake, Andy, and Emily.

Conserve School Science Teacher Andy Milbauer snapped these photos during class yesterday. He writes:

Joseph Lebouton of Sylvania Forestry joined the Applied Ecology class on Wednesday and showed students how to evaluate potential forest habitat based on spring ephemerals (spring flowering plants and ferns). He biked the Conserve School black and green trails with us and taught us plant identification and ecosystem identification.

Conserve School has engaged Sylvania Forestry to carry out an extensive study of Conserve School’s 1200 acres that will culminate in a natural resource management plan for the school. Along the way, Joseph and his colleague Bob Simeone will include students as much as possible in the process in order to integrate the creation of the plan into our academic program.

This multi-year process is possible due to generous funding provided by Cheryl and Jeff Pytlarz, parents of Jaclyn, a senior this year. We are very grateful that the Pytlarz family is providing Conserve School with the opportunity to benefit from the expertise of Sylvania Forestry while at the same time educating students in forestry management best practices.

Mary Anna

Andy, Jake, Bace, and Emily check their identification materials as they work with the visiting forester to identify wild lily of the valley.

Forester Joseph LeBouton and Jake bike on the black trail.


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