Posted by: csdailyblog | May 4, 2010

Rainy Day Sundaes for Conserve School Students

Students, staff members, and Land O' Lakes residents gather at the Dari-Maid's opening day, a popular annual event.

Last weekend was the opening of Land O’ Lakes yummy summer hot spot, Dari-Maid! This ice-cream shop serves up gooey hot fudge sundaes and warm maple sundaes with homemade syrup made fresh by the Petersons (along with a long list of other ice-cream treats). If you’re in the mood for other warm food, you can go for a hot corndog and cheese curds, or a tasty brat. Just for a simple afterschool snack, Conserve School was gracious enough to shuttle us into Land O’ Lakes, right before a big thunderstorm as well, for one of the most exciting weekend activities of the year.

Post and photos by Kath Clark, Conserve School student

Kath, Matt, Job, Ben, Casey, Kate, Angie, Cesar, Di, and Sophie line up for treats at the Dari-Maid.

It was late afternoon when the group visited DariMaid, but the visit coincided with a torrential thunderstorm that darkened the sky.



  1. Thanks for taking the kids out for a treat!

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