Posted by: csdailyblog | April 30, 2010

Conserve Envirothon Team Places 2nd at State

Coach Kathleen O'Connor, Jaclyn, Base, Coach Andy Milbauer, Mariah, Andy and Hannah pose with their medals and the 2nd Place award.

Andy, Mariah, Hannah, and Jaclyn identify macroinvertebrates in the lab as they prepare for the competition.

The Conserve School Envirothon Team competed in the 2010 Wisconsin State Envirothon competition April 30, 2010, at the Central Wisconsin Environmental Station in Amherst Junction. The Steelers finished 2nd overall, finishing 1st in 3 of 5 categories (forestry, water, and soils), with a 2nd place for their presentation.

According to the Envirothon Competiton’s press release:

Founded in 1998, Wisconsin Envirothon is a combined effort of natural resource professionals and educators to provide hands-on, outdoor coaching and testing on topical conservation issues.  In turn, Wisconsin Envirothon gives young citizens the tools to provide leadership for a more sustainable and environmentally aware community.

The theme for this year’s Wisconsin Envirothon is Groundwater Protection through Urban, Agricultural and Environmental Planning.  Event categories include examinations in Forestry, Soils and Land Use, Aquatic Ecology, Wildlife, and an Oral Presentation where students will act as a village planning commission charged with implementing a management plan for the quality and quantity of water resources available to a village faced with new developments in the area within their local watershed.

Congratulations to team members Andy, Hannah, Mariah, Bace, and Jaclyn, and to coaches Andy Milbauer and Kathleen O’Connor.  

Bace practices using a Biltmore stick for tree measurement at a Trees for Tomorrow Envirothon workshop.

Envirothon Coaches Andy Milbauer, Science Teacher, and Kathleen O'Connor, Spanish Teacher and Academic Dean


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