Posted by: csdailyblog | April 26, 2010

Conserve Students Learn the Art of Archery

Angie, Cesar, Stella, and Andy line up at the school archery range.

Sunday Conserve School Mathematics Teacher Roger Jones hosted a weekend activity during which students Angie, Casey, Stella, Cesar and Andy had a chance to learn about and practice archery. Roger explains, “Except for Andy, it was the first time shooting bows for the students. For Andy it was the second time, since he came when I did the same activity in the fall. The students made a lot of progress during the session.”

In addition to being an accomplished mathematician — Roger is a retired DePaul University mathematics professor who has published over sixty articles in professional journals — Roger is an experienced hunter. One of his favorite methods of hunting deer is bowhunting, so his many years of experience with a bow out in the field make him an excellent archery instructor.

All teachers take part in the weekend activity program, rotating through the various weekends on the school calendar. In the last several weeks, weekend activities offered by teachers included cooking lessons with our Chinese teachers Xiaoyu Chen and Zhongli Yuan, an overnight canoe and camping trip in the Sylvania Wilderness with History Teacher Michael Salat, a “paddle and picnic” with English Teacher Jeff Rennicke, a cooking and jigsaw puzzle afternoon with Mathematics Teacher Kathy Jones, and a trip to the Wausau art museum with Xiaoyu and Zhongli. Our students really appreciate and enjoy these opportunities to be with their teachers in a relaxed setting, sharing a common interest.

Mary Anna

Stella draws her bow.

Angie and Cesar get set to shoot.

Casey ready to let the arrow fly.

Angie takes aim while Cesar and Stella watch and wait for a turn.


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