Posted by: csdailyblog | April 22, 2010

Science Classes Take Advantage of Spring

Maggie and Opal pick their way through rocks on the shore of Big Donahue Lake.

Science classes have been held oustide nearly every day recently, between the warmer weather and the interesting natural activity that always accompanies spring. Science Teacher Andrew Milbauer writes:

Andy and Bace work together as they test water quality from a canoe.

Because the weather was amazing this week, Environmental Monitoring students took the opportunity to view and discuss aquatic biomes including lakes, bogs, and other wetlands from canoes.  While we were out on the lakes we saw three loons engaged in courting behavior.  We also saw a great cross section of the bog on the far end of Big Donahue because the water level is down.  The water lilies are also coming up. 

Tuesday in AP Environmental Science  class, we went to Dollar Lake to identify potential locations for the buoy that will measure water quality.  While there we started getting depths of the lake by using the traditional method of soundings. 

Enjoy the photos of these beautiful spring days on the Conserve School campus.

As you can see, the leaves are not yet out this far north. Up close, though, here at Conserve we can see that the trees are just beginning to break bud and to show their early spring colors. This area is famous for its fall color, but I think the trees are even prettier in the spring. When the trees start to first leaf out and, in some cases, bloom, the woods take on a rainbow palette of subtle green, yellow, and pink shades, interspersed here and there with the white blooms of small wild cherry trees. The lacy, airy texture that the tiny new leaves give to the woods creates a colorful, delicate effect.

Other signs of spring: The spring beauties, tiny woodland wildflowers with white and purple striped blooms, are carpeting the forest floor. Loons are calling, and grossbeaks are migrating through the area in great numbers.  

Today we are celebrating Earth Day at Conserve School, and our guest presenters, Hip, Hop, Hope, have just concluded the morning activities so that we could all break for lunch. Later today or tomorrow we’ll post a description and photos of the day’s proceedings. 

Mary Anna 

Emma, Hannah, and Jake canoe on Dollar Lake while searching for the best place to locate a research buoy.

Bace uses a Secchi disk to test water clarity.


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