Posted by: csdailyblog | April 19, 2010

Envirothon Team Sharpens Skills at Trees for Tomorrow

Conserve School students Bace and Jaclyn use Biltmore sticks to calculate the volume of timber in board feet.

The Conserve School Envirothon team has been working hard to prepare for the Wisconsin State Envirothon Competition coming up soon. As part of their preparation, the team headed to Eagle River’s Trees for Tomorrow environmental learning center for some hands-on learning.

Conserve School student Hannah takes a core sample of a tree in order to count the growth rings, a method of aging trees without cutting them down.

Chaperoned by the Envirothon coaches, Conserve School teachers Kathleen O’Connor and Andrew Milbauer, team members participated in a variety of classroom studies and field investigations on soils, forest management techniques and wildlife. These programs, which meet state educational standards, teach students about sustainable forest management and the wise use of  natural resources.

The Envirothon Competition will be held at the Central Wisconsin Environmental Station in Amherst Junction on April 30, 2010.

 Conserve students, along with other area high school teams, were able to participate in the workshop with scholarship support from the Frank Brown Scholarship Fund.

The accompanying photos show Conserve School Envirothon Team members working on: tree identification; tree measurement  using Biltmore sticks, prisms, and clinometers; and wildlife and soil identification.

Best of luck to the Envirothon Team on their upcoming competition!

Conserve School student Mariah and Envirothon Coach Kathleen O'Connor practice using Biltmore sticks.


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