Posted by: csdailyblog | April 8, 2010

Spring Break: Service Work at the Grand Canyon

This is a photo of our hike to the Colorado River on our “day off.” (It's not recommended that one does this hike in one day).

Field Instructor Jeff Nemec spent his spring break working for the Student Conservation Association in Grand Canyon National Park. In the post below, he describes his experience:

Around the South Rim visitor center, where we replanted 1400 plants in two days.

My visit to the Grand Canyon wasn’t so much to vacation in the grandeur of the park (though it was quite a perk to be in and around the canyon). Rather, the trip was an alternative spring break volunteer opportunity with the National Park Service (NPS) through the Student Conservation Association (SCA). Along with 29 other college and graduate students from around the country, I salvaged and potted native plants at a proposed construction zone for new residences serving temporary employees. Once the construction is completed, the plants will be replanted. Our group also helped replant around a revamped visitor center. Plants potted from last year’s spring break were used in the process. Overall, 1300 plants were salvaged and potted while 1400 plants were replanted at the visitor center. The photos show the surrounding area — a beautfiul part of the country that everyone should see. This was a terrific experience and a very worthwhile spring break!

The Grand Canyon from the South Rim.


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