Posted by: csdailyblog | March 27, 2010

Conserve Senior Displays Artwork

Ayla and her mother Donna pose in front of "Abstract #4."

"Abstract #1." Watercolor/mixed media. Senior year. Fall 2009.

Conserve Senior Ayla displayed an extensive array of artwork at Conserve School during the recent Family Weekend prior to spring break. Ayla has been studying art intensively since she was very young and has developed a great deal of artistic expertise.

Donna at the exhibit opening Friday night.

In addition to studying with Nancy Schwartz, Conserve School Art Teacher, Ayla has taken private art lessons for many years with local artist Peggy Grinvalsky at the Campanile Center for the Arts in Minocqua.

Ayla has been accepted by the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, where she will begin study in the fall.

Enjoy this online glimpse of a few selected pieces from Ayla’s gallery.

Mary Anna

"Bear." Crayola washable marker. Senior year. Winter 2010.

"Veiled Chameleon." Colored pencil on colored paper. Sophomore year. Summer 2007.

"Ram Study #1." Colored pencil on colored paper. Senior year. Winter 2010.

"Pineapple." Graphite pencil. Senior year. Fall 2009.

"Abstract #5." Colored pencil on colored drawing paper. Senior year. Fall 2009.



  1. These are great pictures of Ayla’s work, but they still don’t completely capture the strength of the original work. They will be up throughout April, I encourage you to stop by and take a look if you can.

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