Posted by: csdailyblog | March 23, 2010

Elementary School Students Visit for Environmental Learning Day

Conserve School student Kate welcomes the Land O' Lakes Elementary School fifth grade class to Conserve School. Land O' Lakes teachers Mrs. Erickson and Mrs. Renk can be seen on the far right.

During our fall Shared Earth Symposium, which revolved around the theme of Neighborhood Stewardship, one group of Conserve School students spent the day planning an environmental studies learning experience for fifth graders from the local Land O’ Lakes Elementary School. Students Hannah R., Kate, Shay, Opal, and Maggie along with staff members Kathy Jones (Math Teacher), T.J. Young-Burke (Field Instructor) and Katie Connolly (Field Instructor) worked with science curriculum standards provided by the 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Shirley Erickson, to create a day of activities that showcased Conserve School’s unique outdoor resources while also meeting academic standards set by the State of Wisconsin.

First row, left to right: 5th graders Sarah, Mariah, Landon, and Mike; 5th grade teacher Mrs. Shirley Erickson; and Conserve School student Shay. Last row: Conserve School students Hannah R. and Opal; 5th graders Lindsey, John, and Ryan; and Conserve School student Kate.

Students decided that spring would be the best time for the planned lessons, so today — Martch 23 — was the day decided upon. The morning dawned crisp and sunny, with temperatures predicted to rise as the day wears on: a perfect day to spend outdoors at Conserve School, and just the right weather for a big sap run. Land O’ Lakes fifth graders arrived at Conserve School at 8:45 A.M., courtesy of two Conserve School Sprinter vans.

Land O' Lakes 5th graders Isaac, Christopher, Cameron, Sam, and Eddy, accompanied by Paraprofessional Mrs. Sharon Renk.

Activities planned by Conserve School students for the day include: visiting a staged campsite and identifying and rectifying campsite elements that violate Leave No Trace principles; becoming sensitive to food waste issues by discussing and weighing lunch left-overs at the Conserve School dining room; finding out how to make use of food waste by adding the fifth-graders’ lunch scraps to Conserve School’s compost pile; learning about the history of maple syrup production in the region, tapping trees, and then sampling freshly-made Conserve School syrup; and, to end the day, a Quiz Bowl competition, complete with buzzers, with the fifth graders competing to see who can remember the most from the day’s lessons.


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