Posted by: csdailyblog | March 6, 2010

Exploration Week: Ice Fishing on Big Donahue Lake

Nicky, Di, Haemin, and Stella watch as Roger Jones, Conserve School Mathematics Teacher, dips the ice pieces out of a newly-drilled hole.

Conserve School Mathematics Teacher Roger Jones and Chinese Teachers Xiaoyu Chen and Zhongli Yuan led students in the traditional Northwoods winter pasttime of ice fishing. The group had fun drilling holes, using high-tech equipment to check out underwater conditions, and dangling bait, but I couldn’t find photographs of any actual fish. This, too, however, is a traditional aspect of Northwoods ice fishing. Preparation, patience, and camaraderie are everything; hours of fruitless watching and waiting are to be expected; and only occasionally do fish become part of the picture.

As an experienced ice fisherman, Roger was prepared for the no-fish possibility. He had gone out earlier in the week and caught enough fish so that everyone in the group could experience an authentic Northwoods fish fry. Cathy Palmer, Dean of Residential Life, and Jean Haack, Stewardship Coordinator,  pan-fried the fish along with some potatoes, so the students had a fish dinner after all once they came in off the lake.

Roger drills with a power auger while Andy, Begench, Colin, and Cesar look on. Cesar is holding a hand auger.



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