Posted by: csdailyblog | March 4, 2010

Exploration Week: Cooking Over the Fire

Cathy Palmer, Conserve School Director of Residential Life for Girls and Outdoor Programs, and Jean Haack, Conserve School Stewardship Coordinator, led several students through the steps involved in baking over a fire during Winter Exploration Week.

Step One:  Maggie and Cathy unpack ingredients in the Lowenwood Recreation Center kitchen.

Step Two: Mariah and Maggie shape dough.

Step Three:  Mixing up caramel sauce to pour on the pull-apart bread dough.

Step Four: The pull-apart bread is ready to go.

Step Five: Shay and Jean (in the background) get ready to take the bread dough out to the fire.

Step Six: Coals that are  hot — but not too — are ready and waiting.

Step Seven: Voila! The finished product. It’s not easy to bake sugary dough over a fire without burning it, so that beautiful golden-brown crust is quite an accomplishment.


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