Posted by: csdailyblog | March 4, 2010

Conserve School Student Named National Merit Finalist

Conserve School Headmaster Stefan Anderson congratulates Dick on his advancement to National Merit Finalist status.

Conserve School student Richard Fickling was recently honored with the prestigious designation of National Merit Finalist.  Students are chosen as semi-finalists based on their high standardized test scores and then move on to the finalist selection process. To be advanced to finalist status, students must demonstrate that their academic achievement and extracurricular leadership are particularly outstanding. As part of this process, Dick submitted an essay, school records, and a detailed description of his extracurricular pursuits, which include active involvement and a high level of achievement in cross-country running, theater, photography, and student government. As a result of being named a Finalist, Dick is now eligible for a variety of National Merit scholarships. Around 15,000 high school seniors are selected as National Merit Finalists each year by the National Merit Corporation.

Congratulations, Dick!



  1. Congratulations, Dick! A wonderful recognition of awesome accomplishments.

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