Posted by: csdailyblog | February 19, 2010

Math Teacher Kathy Jones Wins Quilting Award

Kathy Jones' quilt block won the People's Choice award in a recent Sayner contest.

Kathy Jones, Conserve School Mathematics Teacher, is a talented mathematician — and a talented artist, too! One of the many art and craft activities Kathy enjoys is quilting. One of her latest creations, an entry in a local Sayner quilting contest, took the People’s Choice award. Kathy frequently wins awards with her creative and meticulous quilting. Kathy explains the contest below:

We were given 5 pieces of material and had to design a block using them. The block is a 12 inch finished size. All of the blocks that were entered into the contest (15 of them) will be then made into a queen-size quilt and will be raffled off as a fund raiser for the Plum Lake Women’s Club, a civic organization. It is really amazing to see the diversity in the blocks. Attached is a photo of the block I made that took People’s Choice this year. There are actually 96 pieces in this one 12 inch finished block.

Visitors to the contest vote on the blocks they like best, and the block with the most votes wins the People’s Choice award. The past two years I won First Place and People’s Choice: First Place for the best block for technical skill and creativity as selected by the judges, and People’s Choice for the one the voters liked.

Congratulations, Kathy!



  1. Kathy, that is beautiful! I thought it was an entire quilt when I first saw the picture.

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