Posted by: csdailyblog | February 8, 2010

Puppy Joins the Administrative Team

The Andersons’ new Golden Retriever puppy, Theodore, who has come to be known as Teddy due to his resemblance to a plush toy, has recently been waddling down the administrative hallway and regularly sitting in on Administrative Team meetings.

Teddy joins a grown-up Golden Retriever at the Anderson household. Copper, about three years old, was so startled at Teddy’s arrival that he stopped his usual good-dog behavior and, completely uncharacteristically, jumped up on the kitchen countertop and scarfed whatever he could find there, including half a pizza. Copper has recovered from the shock and is back to eating dog food.

Teddy is gaining ten pounds a week, so soon he will be too big and rambunctious to join in our Administrative Team meetings any longer. Meanwhile, we will continue to enjoy cuddling him while he’s in his fuzzy-baby stage.

Headmaster Stefan Anderson with his new Golden Retriever puppy Teddy.

Assistant Head of School Mary Anna Thornton gets a chance to hold Teddy.


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