Posted by: csdailyblog | December 31, 2009

Let It Snow … and Snow .. and Snow

The sunset seen from the road leading to the Technology Complex (TC).

Over a foot of brilliant white snow blankets the Conserve School campus right now (New Year’s Eve), with another six inches predicted overnight. With so few people on campus over break, the snow stays pristine for a long time. When I go for a walk, often my footprints are the first ones in the snow — the first human ones, anyway. The deer, rabbits, squirrels, and birds are always up before I am and have already left their prints in the snow.

The weather has been perfect for cross-country skiing. In between the frequent snowfalls, we’ve had some gorgeous sunny days. It’s hard to describe how beautiful the woods are as you ski through the snow under a bright blue sky.

A few days ago, my youngest son, Johnny (10), and I went out on the trails mid-afternoon and were lucky enough to watch the sun drop down to the horizon and turn the sky red and gold. By the time we got back to the campus loop, the sun had set, the sky had turned pink and violet, and a hazy full moon was just visible.

The sunset colors the sky behind the Lowenstine Recreation Center.

On the trail from the LRC to the main firepit -- just before sunset, the sky begins to glow gold through the trees.

The sun hovers over the horizon, just about to set.

A full moon begins to show as the sunset streaks the sky with pink.


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