Posted by: csdailyblog | December 4, 2009

High Praise for Conserve School Students

During our Shared Earth Symposium on November 4th, a group of our students worked to remove an invasive honeysuckle species on a nearby Nature Conservancy property. To carry out this project, they teamed up with a number of professionals from the Department of Natural Resources and other organizations focused on the environment.

Here are some wonderful words of praise directed towards our students, sent to us by Ted Ritter, the Vilas County Invasive Species Coordinator:

 … we occasionally have experiences such as the wonderful day a few weeks ago when adults were paired with Conserve students to manage Asiatic honeysuckle on the Tenderfoot Reserve. I spent several days after that event trying to pinpoint what made it such a great day. Yes, much work was accomplished, partly due to ideal weather conditions. But productive days don’t always leave participants with such good feelings. My only conclusion is that the students brought something special with them. I hope the day was worthwhile for them as well and that more events involving Conserve School will be considered in the future.

Conserve School students and staff members removed invasive species at the Tenderfoot Forest Reserve along with Nature Conservancy volunteers and environmental specialists from the state and county.



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