Posted by: csdailyblog | December 2, 2009

Monday Night Math and Munchies

Math Teacher Roger Jones works with Kate and Casey in the LAB Gathering Space.

Conserve School Mathematics Teachers Kathy and Roger Jones hold tutoring sessions every Monday evening at the LAB. They enjoy serving up all sorts of goodies along with their special mix of mathematics and TLC. Academic Dean Kathleen O’Connor also supervises study time at the LAB on Mondays and helps students wade through challenging work in a variety of subjects as well. Kathy writes:

Every Monday night we have gotten into the habit of bringing treats for our tutoring sessions. The treats have ranged from Irish Soda Bread (Kathleen made this), to brownies, chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin cookies, cranberry-orange-walnut bread, zucchini bread, and candy.

As the students are working with Kathleen on Spanish or college essays or even Envirothon, and Roger or me on math, they munch on the treats. It makes for a pleasant evening of tutoring.

Each evening, Monday through Thursday, different teachers make themselves available for homework help at the LAB. Each night brings a different mix of teachers from different disciplines, so throughout the week students can seek help on a broad range of skills and topics. I am assigned to Tuesday evenings along with Science Teacher Andy Milbauer, and, just as Kathy says, it’s very pleasant to have some quiet evening time in the LAB to chat with Andy and to catch up with students on a variety of issues as they drop by.

Enjoy Kathy’s photos from Monday evening:

Mary Anna


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