Posted by: csdailyblog | November 21, 2009

One More Shared Earth Symposium Movie

Better late than never — this movie shows the Land O’ Lakes Library and Historical Museum Garden Clean Up Group hard at work on our Shared Earth Symposium Neighborhood Stewardship day. The computers seemed cursed the afternoon the group was putting this movie together, and so it’s taken some time to untangle the technical difficulties that were holding up its completion, but here it is at last. The group included students Xaxira, Angie, Job, Stella, Hae Min, and Stephanie and staff members Kathleen (Academic Dean and Spanish Teacher), Bennett (Graduate Fellow), and Mary Anna (Assistant Head of School). Joining the group were Librarian Julie Zelten (wife of our Maintenance Technician Dave Zelten) and library volunteer Bob Beedie, a local resident who cares for the library garden and grounds. Bob supplied the group with tools and directions.

That’s Stephanie you hear in the beginning of the movie, asking, “What does Neighborhood Stewardship mean to you?” Stephanie was also the camera-person for the movie.



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