Posted by: csdailyblog | November 17, 2009

The Wisdom of Waltzing

Working, planning, fighting for your environmental beliefs is one of the most important things a person can do – have your voice heard. In Jeff Rennicke’s Environmental Communication class students have been studying and profiling people who have done just that in a section called “The Power of One”. It is also important, however, to be able to relax and have fun, a lesson brought home to the students by one of the environmental heroes the class has been studying: Mardy Murie.

Stephanie and Maggie try out some dance steps.

Known for her feisty spirit and tenacity, Murie – a winner of the Presidential Medal of Freedom for her conservation work on Alaska – was also known as a wonderful dancer. In the midst of many a heated debate or meeting, Murie would stand up and demand that everyone calm down, have fun, and … dance.

“A balance of cheerful incidents is good for people,” Mardy Murie once said. “If we allow ourselves to become discouraged we lose our power and momentum. That is what I would say to you in the midst of these difficult times. If you are going to that place of intent to preserve … wild land … you have to know how to dance.”

To honor the spirit of Mardy Murie and to remind us that even in the midst of the most heated debate life is supposed to be enjoyed, the students of Environmental Communication shoved the desk aside on Tuesday and led by Stephanie Spicer and Maggie Ackerman, learned how to dance.

(Photo and post contributed by Jeff Rennicke.)


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