Posted by: csdailyblog | November 16, 2009

Students Save the World in “Orienteerathon Six: The Fallout”

Dick, Hannah

Dick and Hannah of Team Hannah Montana #11 “Save the Earth” to fulfill a photo point task. (Graduate Fellow Elliott Schofield is on the left.)

While many of you were here for Family Weekend, you may have noticed some strange signs on the wall encouraging wasteful use of resources. You’ll be happy to know that this was all for fun and games as Orienteerathon 6: The Fallout took the stage this fall. Our sixth orienteerathon since its inception in the winter of 2008, this orienteerathon sounded a slightly darker tone. The scenario: students or staff must save the world which is running out of resources and teetering on the brink of nuclear war by completing the questions and finding their way through the woods to decode a secret message hidden in the points. Once they were done, they headed to the world summit in Djibouti, Djibouti (actually a room in the LAB) to inform the world leaders (actually members of the activities team) of their new found knowledge.

andy, jackie

Andy and Jackie of Vector Victory take a break at an orienteering point on the shores of Little Bateau Lake.

This orienteerathon had many more new participants and challenges than former ones. We included some question-based navigation, in which participants were given a choice between four answers and then had to pick the correct one in order to find the next point. This season during our Outdoor Activities time over 40 people participated. If this sounds like fun to you, parents, friends, guests, and alumni are always welcome to participate. If you are here for a weekend, just ask!

Today the Orienteerathon will wrap up with a sunset orienteer by canoe. Using a compass and map, Orienteerathon 5 Champion Team Salat (Michael Salat and Joey Salat), newcoming team Vector Victory (Jackie Pytlarz and Andy Dun), newcoming team Macrosoft (Matt Freitag and Bill Meier), and former Orienteerathon Champion the Football Freaks (Jake Gerry and Chris Delong) will compete against each other using their compass and canoeing skills. Hopefully they picked these up in the Boundary Waters … Enjoy the pictures!

(Photos and post contributed by Jon Ciatti, Graduate Fellow. Individual photographers noted in captions.)


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