Posted by: csdailyblog | November 15, 2009

UFOs Spotted at Conserve?

frisbee7(rennicke)Reports of Unidentified Flying Objects at Conserve School should cause no concern. No, those flying blue discs spotted over the baseball diamond last Friday night were not UFOs. Those green lights were not Martian invaders. It was just a unique Weekend Activity. The Weekend Team took one light-up Frisbee, several dozen glow-stick necklaces in two colors (red and green), and with glowing orange cones set up to outline a playing field, invited students to a rousing game of Twilight Ultimate Frisbee. It was a great way to celebrate Friday the 13th, get some healthy exercise, and enjoy the beauty of a warm November night. Following the game, homemade ice cream sandwiches were served in the Daisy/Deer apartment. Thanks to all who played, to Jill who made the cookies, and to Wilson the dog who sat so nicely on the sidelines wearing both a red and a green glow necklace rooting for both teams.

(Photos and post contributed by Jeff Rennicke, Conserve School English Teacher)



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