Posted by: csdailyblog | October 30, 2009

Parent Demonstrates Lewis and Clark Era Firearms

Conserve School students studying Lewis and Clark were fortunate enough to have parent Jeff Pearl visit and demonstrate the use of firearms from that era. Michael Salat, Conserve School History Teacher, writes:

The History of Wilderness Explorations class was treated to a lesson and demonstration of Lewis and Clark era firearms by parent Jeff Pearl.  Jeff did a wonderful job of showing off and explaining his excellent collection of early 19th century firearms.  Jeff spent the first portion of the class helping us understand the intricacies of these firearms with their many components before taking us outside for a demonstration of the Kentucky Long Rifle.  How the Corps of Discovery were able to defend themselves against grizzly bears still amazes us all.  It was a real treat for the students and I to see how time-consuming and challenging it was to fire these weapons.  I want to thank Jeff for his time and making the history of this period truly come to life.



  1. Thanks Jeff for providing this experience!

  2. wow! what an experience, and what a wonderful storyboard!

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