Posted by: csdailyblog | October 26, 2009

Conserve School Class Runs Successful “Get Up! Get Out! Get Green!” Event

350 head

Hannah displays her support for the 350 cause. (Photo by Jeff Rennicke)

This post was submitted by Jeff Rennicke’s Environmental Communication class:

Get Up! Get Out! Get Green! Conserve School’s Environmental Communications class successfully held a 350 event on Saturday, October 24, 2009. The day started out with a Walk-a-Thon in which the student body, staff, parents and other community members walked 394 laps around the LAB adding up to 100 miles. The event highlighted the need to walk more and drive less. By walking instead of driving just 100 miles, the same distance the Walk-a-Thon members traveled, roughly 1,940 lb. of carbon dioxide could be prevented from entering our atmosphere. 350. org is an web based organization dedicated to informing the world of climate change. On October 24, 2009 that is just what the students of Conserve School accomplished with an informational Walk-a-Thon, followed with a program by environmental activist and polar explorer Eric Larsen. Conserve School joined more than 5200 action groups in over 180 countries to embrace their message of “Get Up! Get Out! Get Green! For more information go to

Thank you to the Environmental Communication class for their hard work in planning and carrying out this unique and inspiring event.


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