Posted by: csdailyblog | October 23, 2009

Fall Trek: Green Schools Conference

William, Hannah, and Kath share the van with a pile of pumpkins.

William, Hannah, and Kath share the van with a pile of pumpkins.

The Green Schools Conference trip in Ashland, Wisconsin, was a success by any standard. We set up our own Conserve village at Prentice Park in Ashland, where we camped out under the stars for the weekend. We ate and shared stories underneath what we called the pavilion tent as it was big enough for a live band concert. Conserve School provided us with some fabulous gear and, because we were car camping, we brought every bit of it.  You can see in the pumpkin picture how full the van was on our return trip. Stella is in the background tucked in with apples, gear and pumpkins — all you can see is the tip of her hat.  Throughout the weekend, we had several unplanned teachable moments.  We were able to visit a travel green Wisconsin certified bakery where we ate our fill of sweets and breads.  

Stella and William chewing and hauling.

Stella and William chewing and hauling.

Our trip included some beautiful orchard tours, apple picking, cider sampling and some wonderful baked apple goodies.  The students also got to learn about how other schools are trying to incorporate green/sustainability initiatives into their individual programs.  The conference was attended by several other Conservians, one of whom delivered a talk that was both uplifting and inspirational. I would love to have him do the same program at Conserve School. Great job, Jeff Rennicke, Conserve School English teacher.

Students had a great time learning about local food systems while making time for plenty of Ashland and Bayfield’s best photo shoots including: a giant fish, an ancient sugar maple, and a beautiful mural, which none of us could figure out. 

Margie Rychlock, Graduate Fellow and Trip Leader

Conference Photo Gallery Below:



  1. Hi! Looks like you’re having fun. The camping would be the best part for me, next to going to that bakery, and picking your own apples. Do you make pies or anything like that, or just eat the apples? I mean, it looks like you have quite a few and could bake something w/them. Enjoy!

  2. Thank you for posting these pictures and the nice article by Margie.

    I miss the days when I would be a chaperone … and help all the children in Katherine’s class with apple picking and searching for the Great Pumkin!

    The ‘car camping’ was a big hit — and added to the adventure.

    Well done all of those that attended the conference and supported Conserve School’s efforts.

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