Posted by: csdailyblog | October 19, 2009

Fall Trek News

Kevin Fitton, Graduate Fellow, describes the Fall Trek he headed:

One of the fall trips this year was to the Adventure Mine in Greenland, Michigan.  Roughly an hour north of the Conserve campus, the Adventure Mine is a true Copper Country mine last worked in the early 1900s.  To this day, significant deposits of copper still exist, and our students got the opportunity to go down into the mine to see for ourselves.  Along the way we encountered mining remnants including: timbers, rubble, rock drills, and air compressors.  Some sections of the mine are under water and other parts are currently being used as a demonstration location for Michigan Tech students who are learning about drilling and blasting techniques.  During the off-season, the mine is a host to a colony of bats who winter there undisturbed until April.  As part of this trip, students had the opportunity to rappel down approximately 100 feet of interconnecting shafts between two levels of the mine.  Overall, it was a successful and interesting adventure.


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