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Ultimate Frisbee Tournament

Gretchen, tournament organizer

Gretchen, tournament organizer

Many thanks to student Gretchen for organizing an Ultimate Frisbee tournament this weekend for the Conserve School community. The tournament was a huge hit. Congratulations, Gretchen, for organizing such a successful weekend activity!

Here is Gretchen’s take on the event:

Gretchen’s First and Last Annual Frisbee Tournament went off as a success!  There were four teams with five players each, including eight staff members.  Every team played a total of five games, and going into the championships, it was the undefeated Chaotic Squirrels versus the dominating Angry Caterpillars.  The final game was played in the rain and came down to the final point in overtime.  In the end the Chaotic Squirrels remained victorious, but the Caterpillars didn’t go down without a fight.  Jake was the tournament MVP with the most total points (assists and goals) while Dick and Ayla tied for most points each with 11. 

According to Michael Salat, History Teacher, one of the tournament participants, “It was a great time.  Gretchen organized and led the entire activity.  Teachers, Grad Fellows, students, and faculty children all participated.  To me it highlighted the type of leadership we hope that students will gain from attending this school.”

Gretchen and Jake, Tournament MVP, keep their eyes on the frisbee.

Gretchen and Jake, Tournament MVP, keep their eyes on the frisbee.

Kathleen O’Connor, Spanish Teacher, also took part in the tournament. This is what she had to say about the experience: “It’s only because of Gretchen’s enthusiasm and encouragement that I played in the tournament.  I had pretty much never played before!  I don’t think that I have even really played Frisbee before. I practiced once the week before the Tournament.  I am not sure that it helped a lot, but it was fun. I had a lot of fun, too, during the tournament.  It rained on us, but that did not appear to dampen enthusiasm.  We played all afternoon.  The students and the staff who participated were both very competitive and very supportive! An extremely positive sense of team spirit and community was evident both on and off the field. Everyone cheered everyone, no matter what team they were on.  My team lost every game, but I feel like a winner because I had so much fun.”

Graduate Fellow Jeff Nemec also shared a comment: “The last game couldn’t have been scripted any better. The top two teams, Gretchen’s team (4-0) and Jake’s team (3-1), battled it out. In round robin play, it had been Gretchen’s team squeaking out a 6-5 victory in extra time to go undefeated. Jake’s team came out looking for revenge and the championship. With rain and wind picking up and with players exhausted, the back and forth match finally ended in another overtime with Dick’s pass to Grad Fellow Ryan Kolb.”

Thanks to Carolee Salat for all the wonderful photos:



  1. I Loved all the pictures!! Thank you so much Carolee!

  2. wow. Those are awesome pictures, and wonderful coverage of the event. What fun. It was almost like being there, with Stop Action Coverage!

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