Posted by: csdailyblog | September 30, 2009

Life in Elaine House

Autumn is painting our trees with bright oranges, delicate yellows and deep crimson reds at Lowenwood, and the temps have begun to cool down dramatically…. They say we may get a significant frost or even snow one of these days!  Yikes!  Autumn and cold weather make me think of brownies in the oven and warm goodness from the kitchen. Guess what? We have that here in Elaine House! Life in Elaine House is humming along quite nicely, I believe, and the girls are really loving the student apartment and the freedom it brings: freedom to spend more time together in a more home-like space; freedom to spend time cooking together!

We have furnished the living room with odds and end furniture and some big stuffed pillows and, oh, yes, two of the great bean bag chairs that were once in the library have been added to our decor.  Actually we had seven of these in the library so we were able to leave three there and take two to the girls’ and two to the boys’ houses for a few added comfortable seat options, and it is great!  The girls have really settled into it and made it comfy.

But by far the main attraction to the apartment is THE KITCHEN!!! The girls are really putting the stove and oven to work ….. not to mention the electric griddle as well!  They LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to cook and bake for each other and the house smells yummy with the aroma of home cooking.  They gather there nightly, and it feels like a real home with kids coming and going during the course of the evening, and during the weekends it is even more fun!

We have been using some of our house funds to buy staples to stock the kitchen with … butter, eggs, flour, sugar, pancake mix , spices, etc.  But the girls are concerned about using all our funds, which we might want to save for some whole house excursions, so they decided we should make a plea to our families for baking supplies and ingredients.  I think this is a good idea … Besides, who doesn’t like to get care packages?! Sending along those family recipes might not be a bad idea either. 

So if you get a chance to come up to campus be sure to stop by either of the “student apartments” in Elaine or Donahue, You are sure to find happy students inside having a wonderful time, hanging out, enjoying good company and great food!



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