Posted by: csdailyblog | September 30, 2009

Blood Drive a Success

Frank Surpless, one of our Black Oak Lake neighbors

Frank Surpless, one of our Black Oak Lake neighbors, and a Community Blood Center staff member

Our blood drive today ran smoothly and was well-attended, thanks to the generous students, staff members, and neighbors who participated — and thanks to the hard work of Trina Vanschyndal, Graduate Fellow in charge of community service. Trina says that a large part of the thanks for the well-organized event should go to Kim Spagnoli, Coordinator of Student Services, and Mary Ann Bickler,  Events Coordinator, who assisted with organization and advertising. Trina also reports that “the Maintenance and Dining Room Staff, who helped with set-up and supplies  for the Community Blood Center Staff, were invaluable as well.”

Twenty-five people took time out of their busy day to donate blood. Tomorrow we’ll hear how many pints were actually donated. Trina says, “It really was a community effort involving staff, students, and even a couple donors from the Land O’ Lakes community.”

Elliott Schofield, Graduate Fellow

Elliott Schofield, Graduate Fellow


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