Posted by: csdailyblog | September 28, 2009

Weekend Adventure Racing


That's Jake and Bace in the foreground.

Michael Salat writes:

This past Saturday, six hardy students from the Adventure Race Club participated in the Timberwolf Adventure Race in the Flambeau River State Forest.  Teams consisted of two members (Bace & Jake, Hannah & Dick, Ben & Gabe), who bicycled, orienteered, canoed, and ran for nearly 10 hours.  The race featured some challenging orienteering points that had the participants searching for points through some rough terrain and a five-mile paddle down the very shallow (due to the drought) Flambeau River.  In the end the racers were all smiling and happy.  Those who participated should be very proud of what they accomplished.  A special thanks goes to John Ciatti for encouraging the students to take on these challenges.


Gabe, Hannah, Bace, Jake, Dick, and Ben



  1. Yes John, Thank you so much for your support in showing these students what they can do when they push themselves.

  2. Wow! Thanks Jon and Michael for supporting these guys and being a part of this adventure!

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