Posted by: csdailyblog | September 28, 2009

Environmental Sensing and Monitoring Class

Science Teacher Andrew Milbauer describes recent doings in Environmental Sensing and Monitoring class:

In these photos, we were sampling aquatic invertebrates with which we will use the “Macroinvertebrate Index” to measure water quality. This index classifies aquatic invertebrates on a point system that indicates if an organism is intolerant, slightly tolerant, or tolerant of water pollution. First we collect the invertebrates, then we identify them, and then using the point system we can assign a numerical value for the water quality of a body of water. We are just collecting and preserving right now. We will identify the invertebrates later in the semester when cold weather forces us inside. Ultimately, we will collect from a few different lakes on campus. Additionally, we are using water quality tests and computer probes to sample water quality this month. (All photos taken by Andrew Milbauer.)


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