Posted by: csdailyblog | September 3, 2009

Conserve Students Walk On Water?

Gretchen "on" Big Bateau (Photo by Jeff Rennicke)

Gretchen "on" Big Bateau (Photo by Jeff Rennicke)

Not exactly.  A close examination of the photo reveals that Gretchen is standing on a rock in Big Bateau Lake.  As part of Jeff Rennicke’s Environmental Communication class, Gretchen and her classmates, along with Jeff and Michael Salat, took advantage of a beautiful Wednesday afternoon to paddle from campus into the Sylvania Wilderness Area of the Ottawa National Forest.  Wednesday provided, in addition to the fabulous weather, a 3-hour class block, affording teachers the chance to stretch the boundaries of the classroom.  This class block was followed by the first weekly meeting of our campus service teams, giving students and staff time to address campus needs such as tutoring, cleaning the art room, working in the student store, and improving our single-track bike trails.  Not exactly walking on water, I suppose.  Just a wonderful afternoon . . .



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