Posted by: csdailyblog | August 31, 2009

History Class in a Voyageur Canoe

Students get set with PFDs and paddles.

Shay, Teagan, Jake, Mariah, Jaclyn, and Gabe get set with PFDs and paddles.

Land O’ Lakes experienced the record-breaking state low temperature of 29 degrees last night. The ice crystals visible this morning on roofs and tufts of grass were chased away quickly by a bright sun in a clear blue sky; by noon it was almost hot. The History of Wilderness Exploration class made the most of this late summer day by taking out one of the new voyageur canoes on Black Oak Lake. The entire class plus teacher fit into one of the huge canoes. The class will soon be engaged in more formal study of Lewis and Clark and other explorers who depended on similar canoes.

This year we’ve adjusted the academic schedule to include extra-long periods that allow students and teachers more time for mini-expeditions like this one.

Launching from the Lowenstein Estate beach

Launching from the Lowenstine Estate beach

The class gets the hang of group paddling.

The class has gotten the hang of group paddling and heads out to explore Black Oak Lake.

Mary Anna


  1. Special thanks to Western Canoeing and Kayaking for assisting us in getting these two beautiful 29′ Langley canoes. You can see more of their canoes at


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